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Skype 5.10 for Windowa, Mac, and Linux get Updates
Software |18 Jun 2012
Modern and Playful Choice, Angelina Jolie Long, Medium to Thick Full Hair Updo
Beauty |13 Jun 2012
The Classic Upsweep, Jessica Alba Curly Updo
Beauty |13 Jun 2012
The Classic Upsweep, Jessica Alba Braided Updo
Beauty |13 Jun 2012
Novelty Apron for Men
Food & Beverages |12 Jun 2012
The Oculus Super Yachts
Design & Concepts |12 Jun 2012
Ice Tatto By Artist Henry Hate
Food & Beverages |12 Jun 2012


  APPLE Closes more than $2 million as Penalty by selling its new iPad as 4G-Compatible in Australia  
  Gadget | 12 Jun 2012  

The legal drama surrounding Apple’s 4G labeling of some iPad models in Australia might be coming to an end. The Australian reports that Apple has agreed to pay $2.25 million to settle claims that the company’s use of the term “Wi-Fi + 4G” was misleading because the tablet doesn’t work with...

  Ferrari 1957 Testa Rossa $6.4M in Monaco  
  Automobile|18 May 2012  

Few marques get auto collectors riled up quite like Ferrari, and of classic Ferraris, few are as highly sought-after as the legendary Testa Rossa. We’re talking, of course, about the 50s-era roadster (as opposed to the 80s-era cheesegrater supercar), and the originals continue to fetch top dollar (or euro) whenever and wherever their...

  Diablo 3 Barbarian  
  Games | 12 Jun 2012  

The game changed when I dipped into Diablo 3′s auction house for the first time recently. I was staunchly determined to make it through to Inferno on my own loot finds alone, but the challenge was proving too high in the latter stages of Hell. I needed a one handed weapon with massive DPS and...


  Apple | 18 May 2012  

Lately talk of an Apple-branded HDTV and the iPhone 5 has dominated as far as Apple rumors are concerned. However, today brings us an Apple rumor of a different breed, one that speaks of an Apple MacBook Pro with a 15-inch retina...

  Modern and Playful Choice, Angelina Jolie Long, Medium to Thick Full Hair Updo  
  Beauty | 13 Jun 2012  

Here's the Angelina Jolie Braided Updo. The Braided updos are a playful and modern choice for a formal event, prom or even casual look. This full updo works perfectly with hair for medium or long hair, fine hair, or with a bit of wave, and...

  Design & Concepts | 12 Jun 2012  

The Oculus super Yacht is the first "design launch" of Schöpfer Yachts LLC. This 250-foot vessel was designed by E. Kevin Schöpfer, founder and owner of his namesake company. Designed to accommodate 12 guests in extraordinary comfort and style, Oculus is a long distance cruising

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  Skyscraper Floating Pool Balconies in Mumbai  
  Travelling | 02 May 2012  

Residents of Mumbai are in for a unique treat as real estate firm Wadhwa Group sets out to construct one of the greatest residential towers we’ve ever seen. The company is set to begin construction on two exclusive residential towers in the Borivali district of Mumbai, designed by architect James Law. Aside from its state of the art features...

  Food & Beverages | 12 Jun 2012  

Hi Guys, Here's a "Burlesque Novelty Apron - Exotic Dancer Apron with Inflatable Boobs" gift. I absolutely love this apron. This perky apron has inflatable boobies!! Next to real ones, inflatable boobs are almost just as good. The seller of this apron says "Twirl your nipple tassels whilst you peel your spuds, wiggle those hips as you...


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